About Me

I’m a Senior Digital Marketer with over 9 years of experience working agency-side, as a contractor/freelancer and in-house. 

Based in Melbourne I am offering paid search (Pay-Per-Click Google Ads & Bing Ads), social media marketing (Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads) and search engine optimisation (SEO) services for businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Currently living and working from Frankston as the Head of Digital with an amazing team at Madewell Products.

Who I Work With

In general I like to partner with businesses who are responsive, obsessed with their customers and take sustainable actions. 

I work best alongside in-house digital teams and marketing managers who are looking for additional help across their web properties to perform an in-depth audit, learn from their current clients through data analysis and insightful reporting as well as growing their profitability across suitable ad platforms.

How I Can Help

Advanced Paid Search & Social Media Advertising

PPC Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing & Video Ads

I help businesses to increase their current lead generation or product sale efforts, decrease their cost per acquisition and help automate marketing campaigns with the correct data collected across the customer journey.

The majority of ad accounts I get the chance to work on usually have a combination of the following issues

  • Incorrect or missing page event and goal conversion tracking (which prevents measuring and lowering your CPA)
  • Inefficient ad account structure, irrelevant keywords or creative and wrong account or campaign settings
  • Unoptimised ad copy, low-quality or non-converting landing pages
  • Ad policy or product feed violations
  • No strategy of growing existing campaigns with simple A/B testing

Effective Local & International Search Engine Optimisation

Multi-Suburb SEO Campaigns, Web Vitals Site Speed Optimisation, Keyword Research & Content Creation 

I can help with on- and off-page optimisation changes like site menu and content structure, Schema.org structured data markup implementation, PR/backlink outreach campaigns and page loading speed optimisation (Web Vital Signals).

I can also assist with technical project management (user testing, training and technical documentation creation) as well as content creation (comprehensive keyword and SERPs research, additional copywriting, audit for searcher’s intent)

Data-Driven Conversion Rate Optimisation

Giving your current and potential customers the best user experience possible.

I make sure your site is easy to navigate, relevant and optimised for driving valuable conversions.

Web Analytics & User Event Tracking

Gaining insights and tracking your site visitors’ engagement of your content.

Tracking multiple domains, one-page applications or apps with analytics can be complicated. I help webmasters implement the right tracking scripts within their content management system.